Review: Inglot’s put together ‘Freedom Palette’ (eyebrow palette)

Published On 29 april 2013 | By Rox H. | Make-up

I have been having the longest perfect brow product search in the history of mankind.. And when I was passing Inglot on the bike the other day, I suddenly realized it was time to try something else.. Instead of using 758736548734865 different products every time I am drawing my eyebrows, I wanted to create my own brow palette! I have been passing Inglot so many times with a kind of a sad, depressing feeling trying my best not to go in there and be like a child in a candy store.. But I couldn’t resist this time! I’ve been having the most annoying time doing my eyebrows lately, just because I couldn’t seem to find the right  pigmented products I was craving. I am not joking telling you it literally took me at LEAST 30-40 minutes doing my eyebrows. That is insane!
I wanted something easier and went on and asked a nice lady who was working there to help me out with my biggest makeup issue ever. She told me about ‘Freedom Palettes’, a system made to create and personalize your own eyebrow/eyeshadow/concealer/lip palette!
There are numerous types and sizes of these palettes, all having their own price. I went on with a three-empty pan palette (€20,00) and filled it up with an eyebrow powder, an eyebrow wax and a concealer for defining my brows.

foto-8 copyLeft to right: ‘freedom system’ brow powder (563), ‘freedom system’ brow wax (572) and ‘freedom system’ cream concealer (LW500) ( (€20,00)

The palette itself is a really clean, nice design, plain black with a nice sized mirror in the inside of the palette. The only thing I find unnecessary is the room for a small brush, which for me personally doesn’t need to be there because I already have brushes and they don’t fit because the palette itself is quite small..

The products are really high pigmentated, the only thing that I noticed is when I swatched everything, the concealer was really soft and almost liquid like. Which I hope is not gonna be a problem in summer.. (not that we have really long and intense summers though..)

foto-10 copy 
All three products feels really nice on the skin and are highly pigmented. The only thing that I personally don’t like is the color of the concealer.. I tried it out in the store but obviously the lighting was alot different from outside.. As you can see it turned out to be way too yellow for my skin (around my eyebrows). Nevertheless, I can still use it under my eyes so it’s not a complete fail! I just need to pick a much lighter concealer from Inglot for in this palette for defining everything better. 
foto-11 copycomplete lookSo this is my first attempt working with my Inglot eyebrow-palette. Sorry for the poor quality picture, my Canon was charging, excuse moi! What do you guys think? I personally think these products are amazing, but I would advise you to be careful picking out the concealer color.. In the store it looked so different from the actual color!  
You can buy Inglot products online or in store. Look here to see where there is a Inglot store nearby!

Love, Roqs

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  1. Hanney says:

    Maar ik blijf het moeilijk vinden met een bril, de visagisten zeggen vaak de bovenkant van je bril aanhouden, lekker dan, en als je nu een b.v. een vierkante of een extreme ronde bril hebt hahaaa word een giller ben ik bang, ideetje? XXXX