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Pure Soap’s ‘Solid Lotion Bar’ review

Published On 11 juni 2013 | By Rox H. | Skincare

So two weeks ago I again couldn’t help myself from ordering way too much stuff from one of my favorite online Dutch cosmetics webshop; Pure Soap.
Pure Soap is a relatively small webshop, known for their piece-by-piece handmade custom cosmetic products. I got so excited finding this website for the first time; I got my whole family addicited to her stuff..
I now have a half drawer filled up with soy wax scents, and some really nice solid lotion bars in different smells.

The thing that made me really excited in the first place was the ridiculous big amount of Lush dupe scents you can customize your products with.. As some of you may know I have a soft spot when it comes to Lush..  (98% of the dupes I tried are so similar to the real stuff it’s scary. And exciting.)

So with my last order coming in, Pure Soap gave me the opportunity to review a new product for them. Well.. An existing product actually, in a new jacket!

_MG_0702_72RESPure Soap’s ‘Solid Lotion Bar’ in ‘Princes’ (a Vera Wang ‘Princess’ dupe), €7,50

Ingrediënt list:

  • Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter)
  • Theobroma Cacao
  • Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil)
  • Cera Alba (bees wax)
  • Vitamine E

I have to say, being a big fan of solid products in general, especially Lush’s massagebars (same principal), this new packaging (before this it was packaged similar to Lush’s massagebars, a ‘naked’ bar that you can keep in a tin or tupperwarebox or something similar) gets me really excited!

I love the whole principal from the whole ‘naked’ idea, products having no packaging whatsoever. HOWEVER. Using these things for a longer time.. They get dirty. Being a former Lush employee meant cleaning these things everyday because  these things attracted dust REALLY fast. (even in tins?!) Which mean  you have to wipe your massage bars every time before using them.. I love these bars but that’s practically wasting product to me. (sorry for being itty witty, lol)

This packaging is amazing. You don’t waste anything, twist the thing to push it up and twist it down to get it back down. And- everything else is plastic. That means recyclable!


I was already familiar with the product, which I really like. The texture is amazing (it melts really fast) and all the ingrediënts gets your skin really soft! You can use this over your whole body or on dry spots.
You can get these in every thinkable smell (I really recommend the Lush dupes..) you like. I got ‘Princes’ which apparently is a Vera Wang ‘Princess’ dupe. I don’t know this smell in particular, but it smells really flowery, sweet and fruity. It’s a nice smell, but I wouldn’t choose this myself, just because I like but didn’t LOVE the scent.

You can get these ‘Solid Lotion Bars’ from Pure Soap on their website for €7,50.
(They ship to Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK. The only downside is that the whole website in in Dutch. Get someone to translate though! It’s totally worth it.)

Love, Roqs